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Seit Schulbeginn im September 2016 unterrichtet eine neue Lehrerin in der Schule Raumberg Englisch und Englisch Fachseminar. Mag. phil. Julia Elisa Arifeen stellt sich in den folgenden Zeilen kurz vor:

Setting foot in Raumberg-Gumpenstein …  Dear colleagues, Dear students, First of all, I would like to thank you all for the warm welcome you gave me here at the HBLFA Raumberg-Gumpenstein. I felt immediately “at home“ at the school, as well as in the beautiful and stunning landscape of Irdning. Not only greeted me the majestic Grimming mountain every day from my new office's view, also the smiling faces of my new students and my colleagues made the first (very short) phase of “settling in” pass by so quickly that it almost felt as if I had been here for years, not just a couple of weeks.

In our staff room there is always a helping hand with good advice and a great sense of humour, which makes the coffee breaks an enjoyable and entertaining intermission of our daily routine. Also the students (thankfully) got used to me after a while and I have to admit that they grew dear to me rather quickly. The experience of not just teaching them in class but also taking care of them at the boarding school makes the student-teacher relationship at Raumberg-Gumpenstein rather unique, as it gives you the chance to get to know your students and their young personalities outside of the classroom and support them in all areas of life. And in our afternoons and evenings together, we have so far been organising movie nights with popcorn and cookies, cooking Thai-soup and Indian curries, as well reading books together and I hope that many more of such great get-togethers will follow in the course of this year. We have also been on a class-outing to Sölktal with amazing weather for hiking and presented the school together at the education fair in Graz. So many things happening in such a short amount of time … It never gets boring, indeed!

I hope that while I am here, I can make my contribution to the school community by giving back the cooperativeness and fun to my colleagues and by assiduously and empathetically mentoring the students towards their “final goal”, the Matura. Thanks for everything I have received from you already.

I am looking forward to the new school year and the great experiences we will have together.

"May the dreams you hold dearest be those which come true,
And the kindness you spread keep returning to you" (Irish blessing)

HP, 4. November 2016