Ethological Evaluation: Group-Housing-Systems for Pregnant Sows Print E-mail


In September 1998 a workshop of the IGN (International society for animal keeping) to the topic "Ethological evaluation of different group housing systems for pregnant sows" was held at the BAL (now AREC) Gumpenstein.






Project Manager: ao. Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Helmut Bartussek


13 competent experts out of seven European countries developed a method for the ethological evaluation of group housing systems for pregnant sows regarding animal-equity of keeping and applied this method (systematic evaluation by experts) at 16 in all over Europe used selected group housing systems. The results of the work will be published by the BAL Gumpenstein.



In 1998 the contributing experts made a descriptively statistical analysis of the basic data, which they had worked out at the Gumpensteiner workshop and wrote partial manuscripts. In 2000 these parts should be processed to an extensive English report including a detailed German summary.