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Learning Regions in Austria
Learning regions are instruments aimed at encouraging lifelong learning and establishing knowledge management in rural areas. The network develops a strategy for offering attractive learning opportunities in line with regional needs and demands.
The objective is to increase the education and training opportunities of rural populations and enhance their interest in further education and training. Austria’s learning regions are supported on the basis of the European Union Rural Development programmes. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Environment is in charge of implementation.



LTSER: Research Platform Eisenwurzen
The LTSER Platform Eisenwurzen is the flagship of Austrian long-term ecosystem research. It is based on a unique concentration of research infrastructure and research projects in a well-documented region. The realisation of the scheme for an LTSER Platform in the region of Eisenwurzen is an important Austrian contribution to the advancement of the European research scene.
Within the LTSER Platform Eisenwurzen the complex functional structures between landscape, historical and current land use, and the underlying driving forces are analysed. In consideration of supra-regional conditions, like global change, socio-economy etc., the scientific basis for sustainable management shall be elaborated.


Denkstelle Liezen
The "Denkstelle Liezen" regularly organises round table meetings which serve the exchange of knowledge as well as a stronger network building in the region. Under support of experts different topics of technic and economy are discussed. Excursions to companies / institutions in the region are organised. The topics of these meetings reach from research and development over internet trends and different innovation tools up to marketing strategies.