Continuous grazing systems with dairy cows Print E-mail

{mosimage}In the context of the scientific activity "Continuous grazing for dairy cows" the focus was laid on two main points:



  • A) „Pilot run" at the AREC Raumberg-Gumpenstein concerning the effects of continuous grazing onto the crop, the diary cows as well as onto the demands on pasture management
  • B) Preliminary work and investigations at selected farms for a possible scientific project concerning "Low-Input grazing systems for diary cows"


Project coordinator: Dr. Andreas Steinwidder


The following targets should be achieved in project part A):

  • Selection of suitable farms for appropriate pre-studies as basics for the following research project.
  • Compilation of experiences and performance of investigations on selected farms, which have already been carrying out intensive grazing management (continuous grazing, possibly with seasonal calving down).
  • Excursion with interested farmers to Switzerland with inspection of farms with pasture management and discussion with colleagues dealing with this topic.
  • Examination and decision for the performance of a scientific project concerning this subject matters on basis of the pre-study
  • Utilization of the obtained results at the formulation of a possible project.


The following targets should be obtained in project part B):

  • Compilation of experiences concerning pasture management (beginning of pasturing, pasture maintainance, etc.).
  • Investigation of the effects on the crop and performance of the animals (milk performance, growth performance of pasture).
  • Realisation of possible difficulties at continuous grazing systems (damages by foot steps, BIO, manure, etc.) and searching for possibilities of adaptation, respectively.
  • Deduction of possible (additional) questions for further scientific projects basing on this topic.