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Writing activity at the AREC Raumberg-Gumpenstein

Here you can find our publications

  • Papers concerning the conferences / meetings with several speakers and our pool of sheets for pedagogics respectively, you will find in the prevailing files of our Downloadbereich
  • Papers and brochures related to our scientists (e.g. the speech, having been held at a special congress) you will find at the respective Person in the category Research
  • Annual overviews with links for the download of the released documents you will find in the Research report, a little bit below and
  • Papers concerning our exchange of publications in the frame of our library´s activities are also mentioned below.
  • In case you are not able to find the publication you are searching for, please use 

{mosimage}Results from the documentation of research

The actual Research report 2007 enables an interesting and informative overview onto the balance of activities of our research institution. This document (appr. 1 MB) provides all conversions being effective outwards. You are able to search across the document and directly download the documents as far as they are released. Otherwise please contact the author. 

Documentation of Research (FoDok)

Our web-based internal documentation offers a total overview of actual results of the research work at the AREC. This document will be provided mid-April and offers - besides the above mentioned research report - a total overview of our activities since the year 2005.


At the menu item "Staff" you will find some information concerning our staff, e.g. duties, research activity and list of publications. Here you also find documents, especially released by our scientists, mostly only several days after the speeches etc. - just have a look and enjoy browsing... - The function for download is going to be released soon.

Exchange of publications / List of publications

In the list of publications all publications are listed, which are forwarded by our library. As far as we have the right of publication they are provided for the download on our website or can be ordered with our order form.

Besides there is an extensive exchange and dispatch of papers as usual.

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