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Research work in scientific fields of animal-friendly husbandry, animal welfare and corresponding laws, assessment of agricultural buildings and animal housing systems concerning their function, animal-friendliness and effects on animal health and welfare of farm animals.

Research objectives:


  • Elaboration of scientific questions and projects in each field of veterinary medicine.
  • Veterinary management of herds

  • Scientific elaboration of questions concerning animal husbandry and agricultural buildings with respect to technical aspects 
  • Agricultural techniques (fodder-taking and presenting)

  • Scientific elaboration of questions concerning climate in stables
  • Registration, assessment and judgement of emission and immission flows from animal husbandry
  • Scientific data analysis with the aim of ecolometric assessment
  • Working out of socio-economic, economical and work-economical questions of agricultural sectors 

Head of the institute

Dipl. ECBHM Dr. Johann Gasteiner (contact/duties/publications)

Scientific staff:

DI Dr. Elfriede Ofner-Schröck
Tierhaltung und Aufstallungstechnik

Gregor Huber
Tierhaltung und Aufstallungstechnik

Ing. Eduard Zentner
Stallklimatechnik und Nutztierschutz

Ing. Irene Mösenbacher-Molterer
Stallklimatechnik und Nutztierschutz

Dipl.Ing. Alfred Pöllinger

Michael Kropsch

Mag. Thomas Guggenberger, MSc
Ökonomie und Ressourcenmanagement

Mag. Dr. Agnes Gotthardt
Ökonomie und Ressourcenmanagement

Mag.phil. Elisabeth Finotti
Ökonomie und Ressourcenmanagement

Ing. Michael Kogler
Controlling u. Kostenrechnung

Organization of the institute and respective focal points

Department for Animal Husbandry

Scientific elaboration of questions and projects concerning the fields building of stables, techniques in housing systems, livestock farming, ethology and animal welfare.

Head: Dr. Elfriede Ofner (contact/duties/publications)


Brigitte Krimberger (contact/duties/publications)
Manfred Mayer (contact/duties)
Bernhard Rudorfer (contact/duties/publications)

Aims of research:

  • Development of new animal-friendly, cost-effective and work-economically optimized farm animal housing systems
  • Acquisition of scientific criteria with respect to ethology concerning farm animals
  • Design of animal housing systems
  • Analysis of the assessment-quality and further development of the ANI (Animal Needs Index) 
  • Check-up of animal housing systems and stabling-equipment referring to their accordance with animal welfare law 


Unit for Testing Animal Housing Systems

Head: Gregor Huber (contact/duties/publications)

Aims of research:

  • Set up, organisation and current serving of a testing and marking centre for animal housing systems and stable equipment
  • Management and handling of the examination process
  • Compiling of the test-reports


Department for Stable Climate and Animal Welfare

Development of natural and mechanical ventilation systems for stable buildings, working buildings and store houses; scientific comparison of different ventilation methods, research on ventilation systems, testing of ventilation systems in practice, documentation of the atmosphere in different stables in practice.

Head: Ing. Eduard Zentner (contact/duties/publications)


Christian Bachler (contact/duties)
Sigrid Brettschuh (contact/duties/publications)

Aims of research:

  • Scientific elaboration of all questions concerning climate in stables
  • Working out of all questions referring to ventilation techniques
  • Scientific elaboration of questions concerning the approval of stables with special respect to the increasing conflicts between animal husbandry and non-agricultural population
  • Impacts on planning laws on farm animal husbandry and its environment in connection with the output of emission flows from stables
  • Discussion and analysis of all relevant questions concerning animal welfare


Unit for Measuring Techniques

Head: Ing. Irene Mösenbacher-Molterer (contact/duties/publications)

Aims of research:

  • Elaboration of all questions concerning measuring techniques referring to the fields ventilation technique, climate in stables and agricultural buildings
  • Adaptation and configuration of the industry-offered measuring techniques to the requirements of the institute; dealing with the necessary servicing-, control- and calibration tasks
  • Ethological research and analysis of experimental and practical investigations
  • Registration of emission-flows by means of olfactometry and electronic nose on farms; participation in international circle-trials
  • Determination of air-permeability and assessment of materials for porous ceiling air inlets


Department for Agricultural Engineering

Research on questions concerning process-technical determined gaseous emissions from the agricultural production-circle and possibilities of their reduction; questions concerning the energetical and substantial utilization of organic matter (compost, biogas), techniques in husbandry (fodder-taking and presenting), agricultural techniques (fodder storage and preservation), techniques referring to the manure chain (removing, storing and spreading) and sustaining, effective and cost-effective utilization of grassland.

Head: DI Alfred Pöllinger (contact/duties/publications)


Michael Kropsch (contact/duties/publications)
Daniela Vockenhuber (contact/duties)

Aims of research:

  • Activity of experts in research concerning emission flows
  • Scientific work out of questions on production of manure in stables
  • Elaboration and evaluation of process-technical methods to reduce emissions
  • Analysis of all questions referring to agricultural engineering
  • Striking of balance concerning nutrient flows within the agricultural enterprises. Spatial monitoringfor Austria
  • Modelling of future prospects in the socio-economic field of conflicts "food versus renewable energy"


Department of Economy and Resource Management

Investigations on rural economy, evaluation of testing results and scores concerning business management, evaluation of different promotional programs, data production, data transfer, data processing, publications, literature research, support for project-managers in terms of economical questions.

Head: Mag. Thomas Guggenberger, MSc (contact/duties/publications)


Mag. Dr. Agnes Gotthardt (contact/duties/publications)
Mag. Elisabeth Finotti (contact/duties/publications)
Ing. Michael Kogler (contact/duties)
Birgit Huber-Kitzer (contact/duties/publications)
Marlies Schuster (contact/duties)

Ingrid Zainer (contact/duties/publications)

Aims of research:

  • Balancing of nutrient flows in the space of farms. Spatial monitoring for Austria
  • Modelling of future scenarios in the socio-economical conflict food versus renewable energy
  • Holistic economical and ecological evaluation of methods of production
  • Scientific elaboration of all questions to business management and working hours 
  • Economical evaluation of test results and investigations
  • Drawing-up of national data sets for spatial and economical assessment of agriculture
  • Professional statements to inquiries, research projects and research plans concerning costs