Agricultural Resources: Pig Production in Wels Print E-mail
{mosimage}At the location Wels-Thalheim there are about 30 breeding sows being kept under organic conditions for the provision of piglets for research purposes. Free farrowing is practised as well as group suckling. The stablings have been adapted according to the demands of the EU VO (EWG) Nr. 2092/91.




Project coordinator:  Dr. Werner Hagmüller


{mosimage}The pigs´ stablings serve - excluding the supply of animals - for research purposes. Piglet production for feeding attempts is the centre of attention. At the same time it is important to make the range of pregnant sows and piglet-prominent sows accessible for the pilot plant. To guarantee these aims a strict management is necessary concerning hygiene, reproduction, feeding and housing.


{mosimage}For the organic pig-branch in Austria the possibilities in Wels to carry out appropriate trials are of high value. Exact trials and also practical observations lead to an advancement of the organic pig management.