Agricultural value of organic crops Print E-mail
{mosimage} In former times agriculture in alpine regions was an important branch of industry, which has fallen victim to economic considerations in wide ranges more and more in the course of the decades.


Project coordinator: DI Waltraud Hein


Organic agriculture is very important in Austria. Many farmers from grassland and arable land are organic farmers. Especially the farmers of arable land have to choose the right variety in spite of diseases and pests. The possibilities to do something against them in the field do not exist, so all measures in plant production have to be taken to harvest high yields with the best quality of all products. Therefore variety trials are very important because the variety plays another part than in conventional farming. Besides, the financial means in the AGES are smaller than years before so there are not so many branches with variety trials. Additionally, there are old varieties or varieties of local importance or some from other countries, which are only interesting for organic farmers. This part is carried out by the department for arable farming on different locations.

The results are presented to farmers, teachers and advisers as well as to seed agencies.